Oktoberfest of Values! Best of the Wurst!

Specials Available September 21 – October 4

Louie’s Fresh or Smoked Beer & Cheddar Bratwurst: $2.99/lb.

Louie’s Fresh Munich Bratwurst: $2.99/lb.

Louie’s Fresh, Smoked, or Precooked Traditional Bratwurst: $2.99/lb.

Louie’s Smoked German Fry Sausage: $2.99/lb.

Louie’s Fresh German Sausage: $2.99/lb.

Louie’s German Bologna: $3.99/lb.

Louie’s Bierwurst: $3.99/lb.

Louie’s Bavarian Bierschinken: $3.99/lb.

Louie’s Smoked Knackwurst: $2.99/lb.

Louie’s Smoked Mettwurst: $2.99/lb.

Black Forest Deli Ham: $3.99/lb.

Wisconsin Muenster Cheese: $3.99/lb.

Louie’s Smoked or Fresh Pork Hocks: $1.99/lb.

Louie’s Smoked Ribs: $4.99/lb.

Louie’s Smoked Pork Chops: $4.99/lb.

Fresh Pork Shoulder Roast: $1.69/lb.

Fresh Pork Steaks: $1.99/lb.

U.S. Choice Boneless Top Round or Family Steak: $4.99/lb.

U.S. Choice Boneless or Bone-in Ribeye Steak: $9.99/lb.

U.S. Choice Boneless Rump Roast: $3.99/lb.

Sauerkraut – 2 lb. bags: $1.99 each


Additional In-Store Specials, while supplies last:

Frozen Twins Brats (with Bleu Cheese, Blueberries, Pimentos, & Cranberries): $2.99/lb.

Frozen Pepperjack Brats: $2.99/lb.