Louie’s Specials! October 19 – November 1

Louie’s Fresh, Lean Ground Chuck: $3.19/lb.


50 Year ThrowbacksAll $2.99/lb.

Back when all the specialty wurst wasn’t fashionable, we launched a line of ethnic & flavored brats & sausages:

Russian (Caraway, Onion, Garlic)

Cajun (5 Different Peppers, Onion, Garlic)

Greek (Oregano, Allspice)

Onion & Garlic

Applewurst (Apples, Nutmeg, Cinnamon)

Pizza Sausage (Bulk, zipped-up Italian style)


Louie’s Smoked Polish Sausage: $2.99/lb.

Louie’s Smoked Andouille (Cajun Sausage): $2.99/lb.

Louie’s Regular or All-Beef Gold Medal Summer Sausage: $4.99/lb.

Steak it Out

U.S. Choice Boneless Ribeye Steak: $11.99/lb.

U.S. Choice Bone-in Ribeye Steak: $9.99/lb.

Fresh Pork Steak: $2.19/lb.

Roast Away

Fresh Pork Shoulder Roast: $1.99/lb.

Fresh, Lean  Boneless Rolled Pork Loin Roast: $3.99/lb.

U.S. Choice Sirloin Tip Roast: $3.99/lb.

Grade A Turkeys – assorted sizes: $0.99/lb.

Sub Time

Louie’s Big Bologna: $2.99/lb.

Lean Boiled Ham: $2.99/lb.

Hard Salami: $4.99/lb.

Oven-Roasted or Smoked Turkey Breast: $4.99/lb.

Wisconsin Medium or Sharp Cheddar Cheese: $3.99/lb.

Wisconsin Salami or Bacon Cheese: $3.99/lb.

Wisconsin Lightning Jack Cheese: $3.99/lb.


Additional In-Store Specials, while supplies last:

Louie’s Frozen Nacho Italian Brats: $2.99/lb.

Louie’s Frozen Da Bears Brats: $2.99/lb.