good-luck-buckAt Louie’s, we are hunters ourselves. We take pride in offering high quality, award-winning wild game processing. We take care to process each order as if it was our own.

Have your wild game sausage made by award-winning sausage makers! Bring in your clean, boneless trimmings in food grade containers. No appointment is needed. Prices include 100% added meat (50% game, 50% added meat) plus packaging. 20# minimum batch size. Prices are based on the starting batch weight. To maintain our high quality standards, orders may be subject to 6 months processing time. Orders are processed in the order they are received.

Wild Game sausage orders placed after November 1, 2020 will be processed AFTER January 1, 2021.

Full balance is due upon pick-up of order. Not responsible for orders not picked up within 14 days of notification.

CLICK HERE to register your deer or bear with the Wisconsin DNR as required by law before bringing to us for processing.

Wild Game Cell Phone: 715-419-4539

Wild Game Building Landline: 715-671-0122

Louie’s Main Store: 715-822-4728


2020-2021 Price List (per pound)

Prices may be subject to change due to market fluctuations.

(Prices include grinding, processing, and vacuum packaging)

  • Summer Sausage or Salami: $2.95
  • Wisconsin, Minnesota, or Flavored Summer Sausage: $3.95
  • Fresh Italian, Bratwurst, or German Sausage: $2.50
  • Flavored or Precooked Bratwurst: $2.95
  • Bulk Sausage: $1.50
  • Bulk Pizza Sausage: $1.95
  • Breakfast Links: $2.95
  • Smoked Brats, Polish, Ring Bologna: $2.95
  • Cheddarwurst or Flavored Smoked Sausages: $3.25
  • Wieners: $2.95
  • Venison Bacon: $3.95
  • Summer or Peppie Snack Stix (subject to 30% shrinkage): $3.75
  • Flavored Snack Stix (subject to 30% shrinkage): $3.95
  • Hunter’s Sausage (subject to 50% shrinkage): $3.95



  • Grinding & Packaging Wild Game: $0.75 (Free with whole deer or bear processing)
  • Bulk Ground Game (not packaged): $0.50 (Free with whole deer or bear processing)
  • Added Beef Suet: $2.00
  • Added Pork: $2.50
  • Added Beef: $4.00
  • Added Bacon: $4.00


DRIED OR SMOKED MEATS (Pricing based on green weight per pound):

  • Ham: $1.25
  • Dried Venison (sliced): $3.00
  • Dried Venison (cured & smoked only): $2.00
  • Fish: $2.00
  • Bacon: $1.50
  • Poultry: $1.00
  • Whole Muscle Jerky: $5.00



  • Custom Wrapping – vacuum packaging: $0.30/pkg. – (Vacuum packaging is free with sausage items)
  • Slicing: $0.30/lb.


Deer or Bear Drop-Off:

During the early seasons, please call ahead for an appointment for deer or bear drop-off at 715-419-4539.

During gun deer season (Opening Day through the end of November), scheduled drop-off hours are 10 AM to 5 PM daily (Closed Thanksgiving) at the 900 Sylvan Street location. No appointment is necessary.

Our location for whole deer and bear drop-off is located a block from our main store at 900 Sylvan Street. Click Here for a map.

100% payment for cutting is due when dropping off a whole deer or bear.

Whole Deer Processing: $110.00 + HIDE
Includes skinning, boning, cutting, and wrapping of steaks and roasts to your specifications; and straight grinding and packaging. Sausage-making and added beef or pork are additional (see sausage list).

Whole Deer Processing for Trim Only: $85.00 + HIDE
Includes skinning and boning only. No cuts or grinding are included. Sausage-making, grinding, and added beef or pork are additional (see sausage list).

Antler Removal: $5.00
If possible, please remove antlers prior to drop-off. You must take your antlers with you – not responsible for antlers left here.

Deer Donation Program: No Charge
Donate a Deer
Venison is distributed to food pantries in Barron County. The entire deer must be donated to get free processing. Hunters may now donate any amount of venison (1 lb. or more) if they are paying for the processing. CLICK HERE for more information. There is not a bear donation program available.

Caping: $35.00
To guarantee the quality of your cape, it must be picked up within two days after notification.

Boning Charge: $0.75/lb.
Bone-out quarters of wild game for trim. No cuts or grinding are included.

Processing Charge: $0.85/lb.

Processing quarters or pieces of wild game. Includes cutting steaks & roasts and packaging. Grinding or sausage-making is additional.

An additional fee of $20.00 or more may be assessed for deer that are not completely field dressed.


Whole Bear Processing:

Please call 715-4539 for an appointment to arrange drop-off.

Includes cutting, boning, and wrapping of steaks and roasts to your specifications; and straight grinding and packaging of trim. Sausage-making and added beef or pork are additional. We recommend bringing your bear to a taxidermist first if you plan to do taxidermy work.

Whole Bear Skinning Charge: $50.00

Whole Bear Processing – 0 to 200 pounds: $125.00

Whole Bear Processing – 201 to 325 pounds : $150.00

Whole Bear Processing – 326 pounds or more: $175.00



Attention Hunters: No matter where you hunt, Louie’s can process your venison. There are no restrictions on transporting boneless wild game. We also accept whole deer from anywhere in Wisconsin or Minnesota (or other states). It is legal to transport a deer carcass into Wisconsin from Minnesota if you bring it to a licensed meat processor within 72 hours.

Processing of Custom Hogs – Now Available!

We are not licensed to slaughter animals, but we can take your hogs after they have been slaughtered, skinned, and split. Processing fee is $0.65/lb. based on the hanging weight. This includes cutting and wrapping to order. Curing & smoking of hams and bacon, and sausage-making, are an additional fee.